Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Home Sweet Home

I've been self-isolating since March 6, and up to now I've had it relatively easy as my son and his family (my only visible neighbors) have been isolating too, so we've been in the same isolation circle.My son has stopped in every day, and the boys (8 and 6) are in and out of my house. I get to see the baby (4 months) too. But now my son has been called back to the office once a week, and that changes everything. Because of my age (77 in a few weeks) I have to be extra cautious. So now my isolation really is isolated! Good thing I'm pretty good at solitary confinement. Also, being an only child means I'm never bored.

My rural county has 10 Covid cases, but an hour to the east--closer to NYC--another county has 236. Both counties are under a stay-at-home order. I have a good supply of food and other things, and we've picked up a couple of online Walmart orders when we got low on fresh produce and other perishables. Not everything is always available, but we're flexible.

I do worry, though, about the magnitude of the crisis and how it's going to play out. I've heard experts state firmly that we will have a resurgence in the fall. It's hard not to envision an endless loop. But as much as I've bad-mouthed pharmaceuticals, the companies are working hard on a vaccine (whether from altruism or the profit motive, it doesn't much matter), and the same goes for treatments.

And I'm grateful for technology! Imagine doing this in the years when I was growing up when my parents had one phone (squat and black) and one small TV. Or before that, with no phone and no TV. Like the 1918 Spanish Flu. Or the 1800's, when diphtheria ravaged communities. Be grateful for the internet, and stay safe, everyone!


Julia said...

We will get through this but I feel that nothing will be the same as it was before but we will adapt. Like nothing ever was the same after 9/11... I've been in self-isolation also although my husband is going out now and then. I'm high risk, being a cancer survivor and I'm also very thankful for technology but I'm not taking it for granted right now. We tend to take things for granted until it is taken away from us. I have great admiration for the people who work in the hospital, taking care of the sick at risk to themself.
I'm praying a lot more for them.
Stay well and safe during these trying times.
Hugs, Julia

Helen said...

Truly, I am so grateful for the internet--without it, I think my mental health would plummet. I'm glad to hear you're managing and have family to check in on you and to help out, if necessary.

Stay well, Susan. (And I can't picture you being 77 years old. Your online persona is so youthful!)

Indigo Bunting said...

Yes. Grateful for technology. Thanks for the reminder. xxoo

Mali said...

Yes, technology has been wonderful. I love that I can now picture you, and best of all hear your voice when I read your words.