Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hat, Mr Finger!

One of my European cousins posted something in German on Facebook, and I clicked Translate. Now I'm remembering why I don't do that very often. No doubt this was a serious issue, so I hope I don't get karma demerits for laughing, but sometimes translations create comedy where none existed before. Here goes:

We congratulate mr finger, for his commitment of mr gross will be awarded. Mr finger had to pay for this honour difficult. He was mayor of lion and Councilman Karl Brock, tortured and director on janitor downgraded, "as writing a book, not in the contract of employment was allowed". He was treated as in gdr-times; it is unbelievable that something like this can happen today and not by the district will be combated. Hat, Mr finger! 

To Karl Brock, we prefer to say nothing, except that he should resign his mandate. If he's guests in the castle as a "pig piglets" response and out throws (present was a cryford type-journalist) because they are, however, that he is a stasi-in as a city council and mayoral election-committee votes, and the city councils to try it on lawyers Ban it, that is, an informed he has in the castle Creedmore nothing to look for it. Now know mr gauck where Mr Brock Lives-in a city where the city council not it considers to be necessary, to be audited. Mr Gross should ask themselves why. Now support you, dear Mr Gross City Council, please.