Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Upside of Self-Isolating (Single Woman Version)

Let your hair air-dry! It doesn't matter now that part of it is wavy and part straight.

Eyebrows looking a little sparse? Who cares?

Hunt up your singleton socks and get some wear out of them. More fun if the colors clash!

Leggings getting a little baggy? Not a problem!

Yes, your hands feel like sandpaper from all this washing. But it's your secret.

You're saving wear and tear on your car.

And adding lots of steps (maybe) on your Fitbit.

Dried beans . . . rice . . . pasta . . . crackers . . . carbs without guilt!

And finally, you know those people you'd like to avoid? Now you can!


crystal said...

Hi Susan. How are you and the family and the pets? Life is becoming so weird. My sister is working from home and now we can't go out for coffee or to the library anymore. Has your state imposed any lock-downs?

Helen said...

My hair is starting to look like Phyllis Diller's. Next time I hear the word "pandemic" I am going to make an immediate appointment to have my hair cut.

How are you doing, Susan?

Susan said...

Good old Blogger--no dates on the comments, so I don't know when you posted. But thanks for reading! I started to comment, and then decided to turn it into a new post. I hope Kim is OK, as her county has a lot of Covid cases. My rural county has 10, but we're both under stay-at-home orders. Good to hear from you both!

Indigo Bunting said...

OMG, you're back! xxoo

Susan said...

Hugs and kisses right back to you, IB! Thanks for reading. I feel as though I should at least keep an isolation diary, but I've hardly written anything besides lots of emails. I was invited to read a poem on the radio this month, and I chose one I wrote 24 years ago. (I do have more recent ones, but not a slew of them.)

Mali said...

I've discovered you writing rather belatedly!

I do love this one. So true!