Friday, May 08, 2020

Staying Home vs. "Staying Home"

I like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but I wish he had never mentioned the "shocking" 66% of people who contracted Covid-19 while staying home. The lunatic fringe has jumped on this, and now we have protesters carrying signs that read COVID IS A LIE.

What they don't seem to have thought through (do they think through anything?)  is that "staying home" doesn't necessarily mean staying safe. I'm pretty strict about my isolation because I don't dare get the virus, But  some people, while staying home from work, shop at Walmart and  Home Depot, and who knows where else. They don't bother to sanitize what they bring home from the stores, and they don't pay attention to their mail and UPS packages either.

And they have visitors. "It's only family," I've heard more than once online. They let their daughter in because she's their daughter--even though she goes to work every day or lives with someone who goes to work every day or gathers with her friends on weekends "because it's hard not to socialize when you're  young." Or their grandkids get dropped off at their house every morning because they've always watched them and they're just little kids. Or they invited the whole extended family over for Easter dinner because they always get together for Easter and they're not about to give that up because some stupid governor issued an order.

So I don't find the 66% shocking, and I wish the protesters would get off the street and back in their houses where they belong.


Julia said...

Everyone seems to make their own rules. Even in our Co-op grocery store, even though the floors are all marked to allow sufficient distancing, I still find people override the rules and do things their own way. They are the type of people who spread the virus to others.
Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Anonymous said...

Even though I sanitize everything and go by all the rules, it infuriates me when my hubby’s relatives just waltz right in and talk to me from a very small distance. They think they could not possibly be infected. As a very vulnerable senior, I have no relatives, but I may be joining them soon.

Indigo Bunting said...

Hear hear!

(And I know I have some inconsistencies in my behavior—it's hard to be 100% pure on this.)

Mali said...

Oh good grief at the people who think that COVID is a lie! We've been so very lucky that the lunatic-conspiracy-theory-fringe haven't infiltrated here.