Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From My Journal, 1974

December 24:

Lovely Christmas Eve. I made Swiss fondue and Cuban bread for Joe and me to eat by the fire.

The Christmas tree is simply huge—takes up a good part of the living room! It looked to be a reasonable size in the forest . . .

December 25:

An absolutely 100% perfect Christmas. Suzanne (15 months) was our Christmas angel, happy and enthusiastic as always—opening up her presents and investigating the dogs' presents too.

Joe liked his leather carpenter's apron, trolling reel, plastic worm kit, etc. He gave me many great gifts: "fanny" needlework frame, binoculars, clothes shopping trip w/dinner afterward, 12 rolls of film w/processing, film holders, and subscriptions to Viva, New York, and Erica Wilson's needlework news.

Note from 2013: I have no idea what a plastic worm kit is. Nor do I recognize the magazine "Viva." Anyone remember it?