Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From my journals.......1979 (February-March)

February 2: Today Suzanne (age 5) brought home two little Valentine heart candies—the kind with writing on them. She said they were from Brian at Kindergarten, and breathlessly asked me to read them to her. One said, "no use" and the other said, "goodbye." Obviously, Brian can't read.

February 3:
Zannie: "A girl at school today she she was ugly, but I told her she was pretty."
Me: "That was nice of you. I wonder why she thought she was ugly."
Zannie: "Maybe she doesn't like her hair."
Jill (3): "Maybe she doesn't like dog food."

February 28: Suzanne gets her expletives mixed up. The other day she said to Joey (4 months old), "You're such a beautiful little brother.........for crissake!"

Apparently nothing happened in March.


Indigo Bunting said...

They are cracking me up.

Susan said...

And I probably wrote down only about 10% of all the funny, wise, and otherwise memorable things my children said. Maybe 5%. I'm in good company, I'm sure.

Mali said...

5% is probably a lot more than a lot of people do. And I bet those 5% are so precious now.

Dona said...

I'm enjoying these, even if I'm silent about it.

Limited said...

"for crissake!" I loved that. And so terribly funny! LOL

Vicki, who has been reading through your blog for last few days.

Susan said...

Thanks, Vicki! My daughter loved it, that she's 37. :-)