Saturday, April 30, 2011

From my journals.......1979 (May)

With several explanations.......

May 1: Took breakfast over to the Jacksons this morning—my waffle iron, a pitcher of waffle batter, butter, and syrup. They're moving back to Oklahoma (Zannie says "Uncle Homa")* tomorrow. We said sad goobyes; it is unlikely that we will see each other again. We've become so close, and I will miss them greatly.

* Zannie actually said it with an o at the end, not an a, but I don't want to attract any more spam to this blog than it already gets.

May 2: Joey's six-month checkup. Nora tried to give me a hard time about his slow weight gain, but I am not concerned. He is beautiful—healthy and happy. At least he was happy until he got his shot.

May 9: A hot day in town. Had Joey's picture taken at K-Mart—a free offer—our first experience with that sort of photography. Stood on line with "Dr. D's mothers" for 45 minutes. A lesson in learning to keep my mouth shut.*

*Dr. D. delivered many of the babies in town at that time. He dispensed some really wretched advice to new mothers, among other things.

May 10: Spent most of the day preparing for Tian and Nora's afternoon visit. They were supposed to pick up my grain mill, but Nora's dogs ran away so she didn't go shopping. I made lots of raw vegetables with curry dip, cold asparagus soup, and zucchini bread. We drank white wine. Fun seeing my friends as usual, particular fun singing with them, but strangely glad to see them leave. Missing Joe.....glad he's coming home tomorrow.*

*He worked out of state during the week.

May 14: A bat came down the chimney again. I hate these experiences.

May 18: I spread out a blanket on the grass for Joey and the girls, thinking he might be amused by his sisters while I gardened nearby. And I guess he was, until Zannie rubbed perfume on his face.

May 31: Comforting a baby can be a lovely thing. While I nursed Joey in the tub, I let the girls soap my back and pour water on us.


Dona said...

Loving these snippets from your life, Susan. I know you must be too -- there's a special sort of happy sort of sad feeling I get when I re-read my journals.

Susan said...

You're right, Dona. The baby years were the happiest of my life. I'm thinking I may relactate. ;-)

crystal said...

May 14: A bat came down the chimney again. I hate these experiences.

:) I've had that happen twice with squirrels.

Susan said...

I think I'd almost rather have a bat, Crystal. Once I sucked up a bat with a vacuum cleaner, then put the bag outside and watched him emerge, one "arm" at a time. That wouldn't work very well with squirrels. (It also wouldn't work very well with today's bagless vacuum cleaners.)

Indigo Bunting said...

These are lovely.

Jenny Hill said...