Thursday, April 21, 2011

From my journals.......1979 (early April)

April 6: I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote in this diary. So much for my good intentions! The star of the show around here these days is Joey (almost 6 months old). He is such a wonderful smiler—he makes everyone feel special. I think he's been ready for solids for a couple of weeks now.....he's reached the point where he opens his mouth at the approach of just about anything.

April 7:
Joey's first taste of solid food: a dab of mashed banana. I think Joe and I were more excited than the baby. Joey didn't exactly reject the banana, but he looked totally confused and not terribly thrilled.

April 9: An ice/snow storm, just when we thought spring was here to stay.

April 10: Jill (age 3) likes to make believe she is Nora (our friend and pediatrician). "I am Nora. I am going to give you a shot. There will be great pain. And, it is going to hurt!" Later, she looks in my ear and announces it is a little red. I tell her it doesn't hurt, and wonder why it is red. Jill replies, "There is a dead animal in it."

April 11:
(A friend) tells me her past has caught up with her, and her life is in ruins. I have no idea what she means, but it's upsetting.

April 14: 10:30 p.m. I just finished putting together tomorrow's Easter baskets: art gum eraser, glue stick, and notepad for Suzanne; green eraser, notepad, and package of rubber bands for Gillian. Plus they both got peanut butter/sesame butter dandies that I made tonight. We colored 21 eggs this afternoon, and the girls are looking forward to hunting for them in the morning. Joe and I can't hide the eggs tonight for fear that Poppy (the dog) will eat them.

April will be continued.........


crystal said...

There will be great pain. :)

I remember coloring eggs and hunting for them - so much fun! My mom was really good at hiding them - she'd put them in the place of the lamps' lightbulbs, for instnace :) Easter is a great holiday - chocolate bunnies!

Susan said...

What I remember best about Easter growing up (besides the chocolate) are the clothes. My parents weren't normally extravagant, but every year they bought me a dress, coat, hat, and matching shoes and purse that I invariably wore once. Even when I didn't go to church, my friends and I would hang around on the sidewalks Easter Sunday, all dressed up.

Here's an example.

crystal said...

Wow - even gloves and purses! I know what you mean, though. I found an old picture of me and my sister and parents going to church at Easter in Bermuda when I was about 7 - we're all dolled up :)

Helen said...

I'm curious about the life in ruins. Do you remember what that was about, if indeed you ever found out?

Susan said...

I'm curious, too, Helen. I never found out, and hadn't thought about it in years. She moved away, and we lost touch. She was always rather cryptic, if that adjective can be applied to a person.