Monday, December 08, 2008

One Good Cat Story . . .

(thank you, Helen) deserves another. Although I have many good cat stories of my own (stay tuned), this one comes from a friend in Florida—a woman, now in her eighties, who lives next door to the house that used to be my parents'.

Felicia and her late husband, Sam, took a car trip to Virginia a decade ago, stopping at a motel in North Carolina. On their way out to dinner that night, they came upon a cat walking down the street on his hind legs. He was emaciated, and covered with grease and dirt. He walked up to them as if he knew them—which, as it turned out, he probably did.

They bought some cat food on their way back to the motel, and fed him that night. The next morning they were back on the road, but they talked about him all the way to Virginia. Once they arrived, they called the motel in NC and asked the manager to feed the cat and keep him there. They would pick him up on the way home.

And that's what they did. Back in Florida, the cat—now named George—went directly to the vet. When he emerged with a clean bill of health and a clean coat, he grew into a gorgeous Persian.

Here's where the story gets fuzzy. Felicia said he grew into a gorgeous calico Persian. Calicos are females. Only females, as far as I know.

But I seem to remember that Nancy Drew had a girlfriend named George . . .


Joya said...

I once took care of a little male calico kitten. It's rare, but I learned from Wikipedia that it can happen. It's caused by a couple of different genetic anomalies that I just can't remember now. So, calico boys are extra special and rare.

My little foster kitten (he was found in the back of one of the greenhouses where I worked) was a sweet and adorable little dude that I called Nero.

Helen said...

I was in need of a feel-good story, so thanks. I didn't think a male calico was possible either. George is obviously special.

Indigo Bunting said...

Wait...on his hind legs?

Helen said...

He's special.

Susan said...

That's what she told me . . . on his hind legs. She also said he waves to people--when they arrive and when they leave.

I guess we shouldn't expect less from a calico named George.

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