Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe Some Christmas Music . . .

. . . would remind me that there's more to life this month than working evenings and trying to get enough sleep.

With a fond nod to Quiet Stars, my old song blog, here are a few good ones.

Renee Fleming sings Panis Angelicus. (Don't let anyone tell you it's not a Christmas song.)

The White Christmas of my childhood.

All I Want For Christmas is You. Go, Mariah!

Diana Krall sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. No visuals with this one, but who needs them when you have sound like this?

The Priests rehearse O Holy Night

Herbie Hancock and Corinne Bailey Rae doing Joni Mitchell's River

Baby, It's Cold Outside, by James Taylor and Natalie Cole.

Please Come Home For Christmas. Bon Jovi and Cindy Crawford?? Good song, although I'll bet the video isn't his wife's favorite.

A very scaled-down version of Panis Angelicus, featuring Pavarotti and Sting. One can never have too much Panis Angelicus. In fact, you could say that when it comes to Panis, bigger is better.


Helen said...

Heh heh, good last line! I'm sure someone is going to say they have Panis envy. But it won't be me.

Sabine said...

This is what I need to get me in the Christmas spirit!

crystal said...

Susan, do you have a job now?

OOh - Thomas Aquinas music :)

Indigo Bunting said...

Indigo Bunting trivia: I was born the same day in the same state as Bon Jovi. (But I've never been that close to Cindy Crawford.)

Jean Campbell said...

White Christmas was #1 on the Hit Parade the day I was born, so long ago.

Here's a little stamp for you, to keep or pass along, in two sizes. Made it myself, loving hands at home for Christmas and all that.

Butterfly Stamp

Bigger Butterfly

Susan said...

Thanks, Jean. That's very pretty. Every time I see a Tithonia I'm reminded that it's been years since I grew them, and I'd like to plant them again.

Somehow I don't think you look like Bon Jovi, IB.

Hope the music worked, MM!

Yup, Crystal, I'm working evenings at a university library. In fact, I'm working this weekend. I thought I would like library work, and I was right. Except for the hours and the long drive, it would be the ideal job for me.

Good that you restrained yourself, Helen. :-)