Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pages From the Pets Book

Crystal requested pics of some of the Pets Book (see below) pages.

I'll start with one of my favorite pages. This is toward the back of the book. All the animals here were written about earlier in the book. I like this page because it shows how much affectionate interaction we had with them. On the left are Jill with Houdini and Liz (my granddaughter) with Grimmy. In the center is Jill & Joey with Music, Liz with Caroline, and me with Thistle; on the right are Liz with Caroline and Joey with Wolfy.

This is Thunder's page.

With a wide choice of layouts, you can have one picture on a page, or many. This page shows Thistle and Thor at upper left, brother and sister German Shepherds. Thor is in the center, and Thistle is pictured with Joe at upper right. Holly is at lower right, and Suzanne is shown with Music at lower left.

This is Music's page.

You can fill the page with one photo and put the text on top of it. Here's Liz (Suzanne's daughter) with Holly.

On the facing page, Liz—older now—is pictured with Caroline.

Here's Morgan's page.

This is the first page in the book. Suzanne is pictured with Barni.

And this is the last page. A picture of our house serves as a background. Clockwise from upper left: Joey with young Wolfy, older Angel, Angel as a puppy (with Jill), and older Wolfy. The book covers 39 wonderful animals.


crystal said...

Thanks for posting these, Susan. I was just showing your earlier post to my sister this sfternoon.

Morgan the cat looks like a little reccoon :) I especially like the last page, with the house as the background for the photos.

It all looks really great, and it's neat how it's of your family and pets being together in affection.

crystal said...

Oh, forgot to wish you a happy new year :)

Susan said...

Thanks for looking, Crystal! I hope your new year includes a kitten. One is waiting for you to give it a loving home.

Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

Looking at the joy and love that emanate from these pictures makes me wonder how there can be people who seem to manage to live without animals.

Susan said...

Your lovely comment brought tears to my eyes, Lali, because it made me fully realize how fortunate we were to be able to raise our children with all those animals. Our goal was to have as many as we could afford to take good care of, and in those days we could afford quite a few, including horses. These days my grown son and daughter (whose husband is allergic to dogs) have two cats each. Jill, had she lived, would have had dogs and cats, I'm sure.

Indigo Bunting said...

Fantastic! (And Lali, although I don't live daily with animals, I love other people's animals!)

crystal said...

The 18 years I spent with Kermit taught me what unconditional love is about.

Helen said...

I'm with Lali... and I really can't understand people who don't like animals.

Dona said...

Oh, Susan! This is wonderful. I keep meaning to put a book together for my kids, but it never happens. I'll check out the software you used -- and look at the links too.

What a fantastic gift for your family.

Susan said...

Thanks, Dona. I encourage you to jump in and do it. I had the idea for a long time, too....planned to undertake the project last spring, when (I figured) the photo book publishers wouldn't be swamped with orders. But it seemed a bit daunting and new, so of course I procrastinated--to the point where the books arrived in the mail 2 or 3 days before Christmas.

Once I familiarized myself with the book designing process, it was easy and great fun. Let me know what you end up doing.