Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Answers to Inaugural Day Questions

1. I loved Michelle's yellow outfit. Yes, it was yellow—lemongrass, according to the designer.

2. No, it wasn't too dressy. What grander occasion could there be than your husband's inauguration? Well, yes, giving birth could be considered grander. But that occasion does not require new clothes.

3. Whoa, wait a minute. The swearing-in stumbles were Chief Justice Roberts' fault. Maybe between now and four years from now he'll work on his delivery. Or bring the book.

5. Of course I cried.

6. I'm one of those people who remember where they were when Martin Luther King died. So yes, I worry.

7. Waddya mean his speech was "bleak"? It was a great speech.

8. No, the stock market didn't fall 350 points because of his speech. It had something to do with banks. Again.

9. I do see similarities between the public's response to the Obamas and the popularity of Jack and Jackie Kennedy in the White House. Except the country was in vastly better shape then, and we didn't need hope as much as we needed a good looking First Couple with young children. I give equal marks to Jackie and Michelle for beauty, but Barack trumps Jack. And Malia trumps everybody.

10. I loved the ball gown.


Anonymous said...

1. Me too.
2. I agree.
3. You are right -- I thought it was Obama, but my son corrected me.
4. Me too.
6. Me too.
7. I agree.
8. I did think it would rise a little yesterday, but the fall was not because of Obama.
9. Good point -- although I did like Caroline a lot. I've not really seen much of the Obama girls (despite the fact that the younger one attends a school within walking distance of my house).
10. I didn't see it. Was it beautiful?

Indigo Bunting said...

Hear, hear!

Susan said...

Yes, I thought the gown was beautiful. Tired of red and blue, etc., I was hoping she'd wear white. Or maybe caramel. She chose white chiffon. The gown was one-shouldered, and covered with fluffy little appliques--my description doesn't sound like something I'd like, but I thought it was perfect for the occasion. Maybe a tad long, as it puddled a bit on the floor. But swirly and beautiful. I'm sure there are lots of pictures of it online. And I'm equally sure mainstream designers are copying like crazy.

Mali said...

I agree with everything, including no.5. And I'm (as your airports so nicely put it) an alien.