Saturday, November 01, 2008

Now You See It . . .

. . . now you don't.

I was vacuuming a little while ago when I spotted a wasp walking on the living room floor. I picked up a piece of paper—a photograph of Jennie and her family, actually (hi, Jennie!)—and held it on the floor near him so he would walk onto it, which he did. Then I stepped outside and blew on him, thinking he would drop and land on one of the foxglove plants. That's what wasps tend to do this time of year.

Instead, my breath launched him into the air. He flew from the porch, past the Winesap apple tree, and over the hydrangea. I stood there, marveling at the miracle of flight, no less miraculous in its natural state than in a Pan Am jumbo jet, and ever so much more appealing. Isn't that something, I thought.

He flew past the green-and-brown remains of the flower garden, heading . . . well, we'll never know where he was headed, because after he passed the flower beds he flew into a truck.

I hope my vacuuming is more successful.


Indigo Bunting said...

I'm so glad to know there are others out there who prefer to liberate these small creature than kill them.

crystal said...

Wasps - scary. For a while there was a wasp nest right above my front door. We were careful and managed to live and let live until they finally went away for good. I'd rather catch and release than kill too.

Helen said...

I think you've very elegantly combined both options: liberate and kill.

Adam Byrn "Adamus" Tritt said...

Scared of wasps and hornets and bumble bees for so many years, once day, on a narrow trail on the AT, a wasp stood in front of me. Motionless both of us and I could not pass. After some time, I spoke to it and asked if I could pass, explaining I was afraid of it, might die if stung, meant no harm and wanted none. It flew around me in a wide arc and settled behind me. I walked on.

I am no longer afraid of them. We talk and leave each other alone.

Now, I must say, seeing a Pam Am anything these days would certainly be miraculous.

Susan said...

LOL You mean I'm giving away my age, Adam?

Helen, I'm hoping that in wasp time he had a nice, long liberation.

Anonymous said...

The females in this house are insect liberators. The males, well -- you know.

Glad your wasp had a final flight, although the foxglove option might have been better.