Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Circuitous Route to My Blog

A friend recently wrote on her blog, Women Over 50, about the search words people had used that brought them to her blog. She found some pretty sexy stuff, which I guess is what happens when you have the word "women" in the title of your blog. (You know how we are.)

I couldn't figure out how to bring up the blog stats for Sweet Rocket (do they exist?), so I took a look at my 40-words-a-day blog, Forty Thieves. Think about it: Forty. Thieves. What search terms would bring up the blog? Middle age crisis car? Safe-cracking instructions? Not exactly.

Here's a sampling:

Bath Fitter. A remarkable number of people clicked on my blog after searching for Bath Fitter. Apparently they weren't in a tearing hurry to get their bath fitted.

Forty Thieves Ali Baba. They must have been terribly disappointed.

She gets her kicks on Route. Any route will do?

Contractor from hell. Yup, I can sense the anger in those clicks.

Marjorie Holmes. How nice. I hope this reader was pleased with what I wrote about Marjorie.

1970s wardrobe. Well, he (she?) didn't find it on that click.

Very long nails. Hmmmm . . . . maybe this is the closest I got to sexy stuff.

Librarian from hell. How many people deal with them?

Lamaz instructor. First rule of giving birth: Learn to spell Lamaze.

Bath Fitter problem. Who knew my blog was going to become a haven for people with faulty bathtubs?

Mammography textbook. I hope this wasn't a DIY endeavor.

What is Lamaze instructor. Ah . . . a Jeopardy fan!

Jackie Kennedy. Harry Belafonte. Stavros. Who's Stavros?

Butches. Butches? What butches? I didn't write about butches. I don't think I wrote about butches. I hope I didn't write about butches.

The Forty Thieves gang in Harlem. More potential for disappointment.

Big boobs. I know—you're saying, "Isn't this sexy stuff??" No. It isn't.

Left the priesthood. Left the priesthood, and landed at my blog. Cool.

Bath Fitter salesman. Bath Fitter pitch. Bath Fitter quote. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny. I keep on thinking of doing that -- posting some of the search terms that lead people to my blog. Some are sort of disturbing.

I think, for blogger, you need to set up external stats to see the search terms. Google Analytics is good.

Susan said...

Thanks, Dona. I'll try it. I'll put that on my After the Holidays To-Do List. (It's getting a little long.)

Mali said...

That's hilarious!

Mali said...

not least I should add your comments. I particularly liked "first rule of giving birth, learn to spell lamaze"

Helen said...

Oh, too funny. How does one find these search terms? You have me very curious now...

Susan said...

Helen, your blog is from Blogger, too (like this one). I think we'll have to try Dona's suggestion above. Apparently Blogger (unlike Wordpress) is stingy with its stats.

Indigo Bunting said...

Hmmmm. Now I'm curious too. Wonder if I can figure it out...

Great post, Susan!

Sabine said...

That IS funny. You can use sitemeter to track your hits and search terms as well.

Adam Byrn "Adamus" Tritt said...


I have looked at the search strings for my own blog and have some lulus as well. I should list the best at some point.

Let me have a look. I'll be right back.

(tick tick tick tick)

jeans (There is a brand named Adamus)

nude massage

wetlands restoration

body modification


That is just today.

Stats are such fun.

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