Monday, January 30, 2006

Laughter was our way...

During many attempts to organize my files and piles, I run across (and must stop to read) many papers from the past. Some range from painful to annoying. But some are wonderful, like this acrostic poem my daughter Gillian wrote for me, spelling out a nickname and so much more.

Laughter is our way
Uplifting in like
Cleverness and the
Knowledge that we share.
Yellow garden spiders and
Simple card games are
Ties that bind us.
Older and wiser we
Never forget, best friends,


Sabine said...

Suze, I think the advantage to having your organizational skills (which I share), is that they allow you these surprises. When do those super-organized folks ever get surprised?

What a lovely poem

Susan said...

Thank you, MM.