Thursday, January 26, 2006

First Kiss

No, it didn't happen today.

I still have the diary I kept when I was 13. One entry says, "First kiss, can't sleep." It happened at my eighth-grade graduation. At the end of the evening, Richie, my best friend Algene's boyfriend, kissed me on the cheeck.

How was that a first kiss? I can think of a lot of scenarios for a first kiss, but someone else's boyfriend's lips grazing my cheek is not one of them. Still, at the time I thought it was. And I couldn't sleep. I guess it doesn't take much to make an impression on a 13-year-old.

When did I get my first real kiss? The kind that a Kevin Costner character described as "long...slow...deep...wet"? I have no idea. No memory of it whatsoever. I guess by that time I was old and jaded and no longer impressionable. Maybe 14.


Sabine said...

LOL - I don't remember either. I know in grade 10 (or was it 11?) I had a boyfriend whose kisses were long, wet, slow, wet, deep and WET.


Jona said...

As I admitted yesterday, I remember mine, though probably only because I regretted it so much!

edwardjackson3192400850 said...

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Sabine said...

Suze! Your blog is inquisitive!

WTF does that mean? (Spammers should try a little harder, don't you think?)

crystal said...

I don't remember my first kiss either ... not very romantic :-)

Susan said...

Notice that his blog is interesting. Mine is only inquisitive. Well, this is the first indication I've seen that blogs can actually think. (I can see it now: "Enquiring Blogs Want to Know!")

Deloney said...

First real kiss (tongues): Diane Yamen, summer 1967 -- the Summer of Love!

I heard she later married a biker. I know how to pick 'em.

ntexas99 said...

"Maybe 14"

ha ha ha ha ha

you surely know how to spice it up

(and that makes you inquisitive? don't spammers have a responsibility to at least PRETEND to be skimming your content?)