Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Is Nothing Ever Simple?

I ordered two items from a website I've used before. Most of their stuff doesn't appeal to me, but they have some good sales occasionally. The two things I ordered were a winter face mask to give as a gift and a pair of slippers for me.

An email acknowledging the order said I was entitled to a free magazine subscription. I've gotten these from them before, and it's a good deal. I usually give away the subscription, and this time I wanted to order a technology magazine for my son. But the website neglected to give me the code necessary to place the order, so I emailed their Customer Service. "Raquel" replied, telling me the code had been sent.

"I never got it, Raquel."

Next, "Jerome" said he'd sent me the code.

"It didn't arrive, Jerome."

We went through this with "Patrick" and "Olivia" before I finally got the code.

The winter face mask arrived without a problem.

I was eager to get the slippers, and happy to see a package in my mailbox yesterday. But instead of dark brown slippers, inside the box was a pair of white plastic Crocs. So I wrote to Customer Service again.

"Nadine" responded immediately. I explained that I wanted the slippers, so I would return the Crocs. She said she had arranged for the return, and attached a label for me to print out. The label said I was returning the winter face mask.

I wrote back. No, I said, the winter face mask was fine. I received a pair of Crocs in error. I want to return them so I can get the slippers I ordered.

That's okay, the reply from "Horace" said. He explained that he had arranged for the return, and attached a label for me to print out. The label said I was returning the slippers.

Politeness be damned. "NO NO NO!!" I wrote. I wrote a few other things, pointing out that it was their mistake that had landed the Crocs in my mailbox instead of the slippers I fervently wanted. (Well, I didn't say fervently. I thought it might be misinterpreted.)

So "Adam" wrote back and said I should use the label Horace sent. He said it would be fine, but added that they couldn't guarantee my slippers were still available.

I printed out the label, which states in bold letters that the slippers are being returned. A photo of the slippers is on the label too. I slapped it on the box containing the Crocs, and sent it on its way.


Julia said...

That's why I never order merchandize online. I need to see and touch before I but. I order books from Amazon and that's all. I'm still an too old fashion gal.

Susan said...

I guess you are, Julia! Nothing wrong with that. The older I get, the less I enjoy being in stores, so I do a lot of shopping online. It lets me bargain-hunt without wearing out my shoes (not to mention my legs). :-)

crystal said...

Wow! I feel your pain - I order a lot of stuff online because I can't drive. Mostly I try to do it at Amazon and they are pretty good most of the time. It can be hard to get things straightened out at a distance. My latest order from Amazon is a little dog house for the outdoor cats. I hope it's not awful ;)

Helen said...

I think you should send this post to the company's CEO (and maybe enclose the Crocs).

Susan said...

Not a bad idea, Helen. They sent me an email asking me to rate their service. Lucky for them, I'm waiting to see if I receive the correct item.

I don't know if different people (Raquel, Jerome, Horace, etc.) really did handle my return. Maybe it was just the CEO using different names. :-) But if they were Customer Service employees, I'm reluctant to get them in trouble, especially before Christmas.

Did you receive the dog house, Crystal? We have one on the porch for the outdoor cats, as I'm sure I've mentioned. They use it often in the cold months.

Susan said...

I just got an email saying they received my slippers. Oy.

Susan said...

Final update: They issued a store credit, but when I discovered my size was no longer available in the slippers I requested a refund. I'm told I'll get it in 10 days. (I hope this is the final update.)

Indigo Bunting said...

This is a horrific and unfortunately all-too-common story. I don't know how things get so difficult. I often feel afraid to get the mail because as soon as I open it I am going to have to take time to correct others' mistakes. No one pays me for that. Argh.

Susan said...

That's a thought, IB. If only we could charge for our time, at least.