Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Other Important Topic: Beauty

Ha! "Beauty" is something I find more amusing than interesting most of the time. An exception was my teens, of course, when I put some effort into mastering the art of wearing three shades of blue eyeshadow. And my twenties, when we lived in Manhattan, and I loved thinking of myself as sexy and sophisticated. But in my thirties and forties, raising children in the country, I had no time for makeup, nor interest in it, and if I did give it half-hearted try, it just looked silly.

This attitude changed in my fifties, but not dramatically. However, by the time my sixties arrived I realized makeup was my friend. And when I had cataract surgery and no longer hid behind glasses, I needed to make the best use of it. (That is, once I got over the post-cataract shock of seeing my aging face in all its HD detail.)

Makeup, especially eye makeup, makes such a difference in how I look that I've had to keep a rein on it, always aware that I don't want to channel my inner clown. (I don't really have an inner clown. I don't like clowns. But you know what I mean.)

This morning I tried Maybelline's new eyebrow mascara (Eyebrow Drama). I like it! My eyebrows have turned into an iffy mix of blonde and grey (like my hair), growing in various directions (not like my hair). I bought the Blonde shade of this product. I was concerned that it might be too light, but it's a good shade for me. Looks very natural, and somewhat tames the direction of the hairs. I filled in here and there with pencil.

I recently tried Bare Escentuals mineral powder, which is not new, but new to me. They offer a matte product, but I bought the original (on eBay, best price) along with a Kabuki brush by e.l.f. A zillion YouTube videos demonstrate how to apply it. Although I've always gone for a matte look (moisturizer plus powder, no foundation), what I like best is that it's not matte. The finish has a subtle glow to it. Doesn't look old. At least it doesn't in my bathroom mirror, which has the best light ever: not even one wrinkle can be detected in this light!

I rarely turn on the TV in the morning anymore, but one day I happened to catch the Today Show when they were talking about John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse. They said staff members raved about it. So I bought it on Amazon—cheaper than driving to Walmart. It really is a nice product. It reminds me of stuff they use in salons; never stiff or sticky. The can says "Transforms Fine Hair." My fine hair, once so thick, has become fine and thin. I wish the transformation included hair growth, but one can't have everything.

Oh, and one more: NYX Nude Matte eye shadow in Bare My Soul. It's taupe. Looks blah, a dull brown, in the case. But I love it for daytime because it looks so natural, like an actual shadow. Lavender can have the same effect.

What is it about October? Last October I posted about a bunch of beauty products I tried after reading a magazine article. And now here I am back again to talk about other products I was inspired to try. I hope I'm not getting desperate.


Julia said...

I enjoyed reading about your relationship with makeup.
Oh dear, I'm getting to the upper part of the 60ies and I'm afraid that the cosmetic companies would all starve if it was up to me.

I used to apply eye makeup when I was young, but never like the feel of makeup on my skin.

Now I only use a moisturizing cream and a very light touch of eye pencil. I can't even remember when I wore lipstick the last time. My farm lifestyle has taken over I'm afraid, lol...

I work at the farm so I need to shower before going out. I jump in and out of the shower, fluff dry my short thin hair, get dress , put on my earrings and I'm out the door. My husband is not a patient waiting man so I don't make him wait.

I don't even wear high heels any more because of my big bunions and I don't miss torturous high heels either.

Funny how we look at ourselves when we reach a certain age. I'm not a follower of fashion either but I still like the classic look.

So comfort is now my best friend.

Enjoy your weekend.

Susan said...

Comfort is my best friend too, Julia. I don't wear mascara for that reason, and I almost never wear heels of any height. I'm grateful to live in a rural area where people rarely get dressed up.

I would say earrings are your makeup. :-)

Julia said...

I think we get freer as we age.

Susan said...

Yes, in lots of ways. I'm enjoying the freedom to say no. This has gotten much easier as I've gotten older.

Mali said...

I am loving the idea of eyebrow mascara. I used to get my lashes and brows tinted occasionally but don't now I'm on a budget.

crystal said...

When I was in high school wore tons of make-up. Now I really only use it if I want to make a good impression, so hardly ever. I use foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara. Lipstick always looked weird on me, so not that :) I've never tired eyebrow mascara - can it make one's eyebrows go up straight? I always wanted to try that.

Indigo Bunting said...

Maybe writing about makeup in October is like going back to school in the fall—the crispness in the air opening up new possibilities.

I have never learned how to deal with makeup.


Susan said...

Crystal, I don't know if it'll make eyebrows go up straight . . . and I'm afraid if I tried it they'd never come back down again. :-)

Don't sign, IB. I have several friends who wear zero makeup, and they look great--just the way they're supposed to.