Saturday, August 09, 2014

A Beany Tale

I'm an enthusiastic grower of green beans. My three bush varieties are just about finished, and my pole beans are too small to pick yet, so when I saw a sale on magnificent green beans at the supermarket today (labeled "Locally Grown") I snatched them up.

They were green-bean perfection: Perfectly straight, perfectly cylindrical, uniformly green. They looked like they'd never come within 20 ft. of a Japanese Beetle. From the length of them, I assumed they were pole beans, but they didn't look like anything I'd ever grown. I was curious, and started thinking about how I could get in touch with the grower so I could find out the name of the variety.

But when I snapped off the ends I realized these beans were lacking something: tenderness. And after they were cooked I lost all interest in identifying them, because the other thing they lacked was flavor.

I suspect they're one of those tough varieties that sellers grow because they hold up well in transit. Or maybe they hold up well after being commercially canned, because I detected a little of canned-bean flavor even though they were relatively lightly cooked.

So I'm glad I didn't pay much for them. And I know my Kentucky Wonder pole beans will be well worth waiting for.

And no, I'm not returning the remainder of the package to the store. Because after all, flavor is just . . . a matter of taste. ;-)


crystal said...

My grandmother used to grow pole green beans. They were great. I can remember picking them and snapping off the ends :) Canned beans seem so different.

Susan said...

Some of the old practices remain the best.

Julia said...

Sometimes beauty is only skin deep for beans too, lol.

I love fresh picked green beans and this year I only planted very small quantity and I have planted a few pole beans and they are just starting. I can't wait to try them.

Susan said...

Julia, what kind of pole beans did you plant? I've tried Fortex, which many people love, but Kentucky Wonder remains my favorite. I've heard raves about some others, too. Like Rattlesnake, which sounds intriguing.

Helen said...

Have you spotted Jack or a giant lurking anywhere?

Susan said...

No so far, Helen, but he may be hiding in one of the bean arches (see above).