Wednesday, January 08, 2014

January 8, 1974

Minor domestic annoyances:

1.  Washing machine won't work.

2.  Oxtail soup (a project) turned out tasting like tomato soup a la Campbell's. Sigh.


Julia said...

Hi Susan, the year sure has given us some challenges. It's so cold here but it looks like it's starting to warm up a little.
So sorry about your Washing machine breaking down. That is no fun at all.

Oxtail soup that tastes like Campbell tomato soup is not all that bad. I happen to love Campbell tomato soup.

Wishing you a better rest of January. May all your wishes come true.

Susan said...

Julia, did you notice the date in the title of my post? It was from one of my old diaries. My current washing machine is fine. :-)

I have to tell you I haven't done any hooking all winter--until tonight! I designed a small (11x14) mat and am excited to be wielding a hook again. :-)

Helen said...

I would classify that first one as a super-duper major annoyance.

Susan said...

Helen, I would now too. I think in those days I just had this faith that my husband would take care of it. Fix it or buy me a new one.

Indigo Bunting said...

Have you made an oxtail soup since?

Susan said...

I have not. The idea of a tail, or any other part of an ox, no longer appeals to me. My diet has changed rather dramatically over the years. I suspect I'm not alone in this.