Saturday, July 13, 2013

From my journals..........1974 (January)

January 1:  Excerpt from a letter written by Joe to his mother when Suzanne was almost four months old......"Suzanne brings more pleasure to our lives every day, and, hopefully, we to hers. Right now I'm sitting by the fire with a glass of homemade wine and a bowl of popcorn. Susie is cooking up turkey soup, and Suzanne is watching the lights blink on the Christmas tree. Who could ask for more?"

January 24:  Folly (little black dog) has a horrible wound on her leg, with muscle exposed and hide gone. It looks just awful, and I can't get a vet—all are up at Cornell today. A doctor in NJ gave me instructions for dressing the wound temporarily, which I did. Poor Fols.

January 25:  Took Folly to Dr. Coburn, who says he must put her under anesthesia to sew up the wound. We are to pick her up tomorrow.

January 26:  Folly's vet bill came to $45.50!

(Haha.....I assume that exclamation point meant I was shocked that the bill was so high. Today I'd be shocked it was so low!)


crystal said...


Heh - if only bet bills were that low today.

Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

How lovely that Joe was able to fully recognize that idyllic moment.

Susan said...

Yes, Lali. Especially since our kids were his second family.

"If only" indeed, Crystal.