Monday, March 21, 2011

From my journals.........1956-58

January 1956: You know, when I'm 17 years old, and I look back and read this, I'll think I was silly when I was 13, but right now I'm very serious.

March 1957: Today a funny thing happened. Ingi came home from the store at about 5 o'clock. She told me that Paul had just left the A&P.

April 1957: Nothing fascinates me like the boy I can fascinate.

June 1957: I have a lovely crush on Charlie. I probably wrote about how I met him, but I love to tell it, so I'll review.

July 1957: Boys I have had fun with at Sag Harbor, July: Bobby & Dick, Bob, John, Dave, also another John (B.) & Richie & Jim. And Gail.

September 1957: Teddy kissed me for the 6th time.

December 1957: I have the strangest feeling that I'm in love, but I don't know with whom.

October 1958: Gave my father my report card, and I'm not allowed out.....ever!!!


crystal said...

You were very articulate.

When I was thirteen no boys would ever talk to me, much less kiss me :)

Susan said...

Crystal, think of how much heartbreak you avoided! :-)

Bridgett said...

"and Gail." Tea almost through the nose at that.

Indigo Bunting said...

These are fantastic. I especially like "Nothing fascinates me like the boy I can fascinate." But I have to admit...I feel I can completely understand "I have the strangest feeling that I'm in love, but I don't know with whom." Ah, youth! (Or perhaps that's just "in heat.")

Mali said...

July 1957 was a busy month!

And I'm glad you were eventually allowed out.

Susan said...

Thanks, guys! I went from being a straight A student to failing everything (even gym), and I was actually grounded for a full year. Lots of turmoil during that time, and after high school it was many years before I had the confidence to enter a classroom again.

But these diary entries really made me laugh. And the unexpected thing is that I don't feel all that disconnected from my adolescent self.

Dona said...

These are great, Susan.

I occasionally re-read my journal entries from when I was 16 and older. I can feel the same feelings now as I did then when reading them.