Friday, August 28, 2009

Making Students Feel Welcome in the Library

The new semester started Monday, and quite a few students came into the library to make photocopies of parts of books. Some didn't have enough money, and some didn't have any at all. I lent one desperate student 40¢, but the rest said they would be back after class. I kept their books for them on my desk.

Last evening a student came in and said she was back for her book. It was the last one left on my desk, and I completely forgot that she had been in the night before to take the book out. I couldn't check it out to her at that time because she didn't have her ID card. So she was back with her card to check out her book, and I, ever the on-the-ball "librarian," was thinking she wanted to make copies.

I handed her the book, and she stood there. I smiled. She smiled.

"Um . . .I'm new at this," she said. "What's the procedure?"

"It takes money," I said, referring to the copy machine.


"Yup, money. It can take dollars . . . "


"Right. Or dimes. Whatever you have."

"Dollars or dimes?"

I wondered why this normal-looking girl kept repeating everything back to me. She still stood there, so I gestured to the copy machine across the room. She turned and looked in its direction, and then turned back to me. Did she not know what a copy machine looked like?

"Where do I go?" she asked.

"Over there," I said. "Against the wall. The copy machine. Here, I'll show..."

"But I just want to take the book out," she said.


As I've said more than once, there's a reason why we have blonde jokes. (She had brown hair, by the way.)


crystal said...

Heh :)

So tell me all about the new computer.

Susan said...

The new computer is very powerful. Picture a 650-HP Porsche. Overkill!

I'm not a gamer, but this computer is probably suited for one. We bought the component parts individually. I use the term "we" loosely. My son told me what we needed, gave me the specs, and in most cases gave me several of each to choose from. All I did was look up the reviews and prices. Finding free shipping is what I do best. :-)

I'm still in the process of moving stuff around. I'll still have two computers in the house, one upstairs and one down. I'm sure I'll love the new one. I'll be able to load it up with photos without worrying about running low on memory. I didn't believe Joey a few months ago when he said I'd love having two big monitors on my desk, but he was right. I can't imagine going back to just one. I guess that makes me an official overconsumptive consumer.

crystal said...

Oh, lucky you! Wish I knew how to build a computer. It is nice to have more than one. I have two that are working (and two dead ones) but I usually just use this one on my small table because it can watch DVDs. Is your son taking orders? :)

Indigo Bunting said...

Oh, that's a funny story.

Dona said...

Cute story -- I picture my daughter doing something like that.

Neat computer setup. My next desktop will be built from scratch -- my son's is wonderful. he's got two monitors too.

For the geeks that read your blog -- photos of the computer, please.

Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

Two big monitors on one desk! The mind boggles. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with two....

Susan said...

Dona, do you mean the inside of the computer (motherboard, etc.)? The outside just looks like a sleek black case. I chose it partly for its great reviews and partly for its looks. (CoolerMaster Elite 335 ATX case, around $43 on Amazon, free shipping)

Lali, I thought two monitor was the craziest-sounding thing. But it took only a few days to become totally hooked. And then I got hooked on the monitor stand my son suggested. It holds them above the desk--good height for ergonomics, plus it frees up desk space. It looks like I'm sitting at Command Central. :-)