Friday, February 06, 2009

Brenda Starr Would Be Proud

No, this has nothing to do with the news. But when I was a newspaper reporter I sometimes joked that Brenda Starr was my role model, and if I didn't always get the story I at least always got the photo.

I pass this stand of trees every day on my way to work. The snow is always pristine, and as I drive past in late afternoon, the shadows are long. They beg to be photographed.

I never seem to leave the house early enough to stop to take pictures, but on my day off last week I had the opportunity. The time was late morning, so the shadows weren't exactly where I wanted them, but I was in the right place even it was the wrong time, and I had a camera with me.

I pulled into a driveway and got out of the car, looking at the trees to figure out my best angle. While I stood there thinking artistic thoughts, some guy drove by at a high rate of speed, and his tires threw up a large quantity of dirty slush. It hit me in the side of the face, my hair, my jacket, and my jeans, and it splashed over the inside of my car door and leather upholstery.

My camera was spared, though, and I got off a bunch of shots. What we won't do for art. But we can't really say I braved dirty slush to get the picture I wanted. The truth is that if I'd known I was going to get slushed (as opposed to sloshed) at that spot, I would have seen to it that I was somewhere else that day.

I still want shots of those long, late-day shadows. And I'm gonna get 'em.


Helen said...

The picture was definitely worth getting slushed/sloshed/slished/sleshed for (possibly not slashed though).

Susan said...

LOL Possibly not. Thanks, Helen!

Indigo Bunting said...

What Helen said! Nice shot!

Susan said...

Thanks! I did get the long-shadow shot, and it's just what I wanted. I'll post it soon.

crystal said...

Nice photo!

I've been reading about birds and only just learned that Indigo Bunting is a kind of bird :)

Susan said...

Crystal, does that mean you thought IB named herself after a baby blanket (in blue)? :-)

If you were a bird, what would you be? I don't know what I'd be. It's so hard to imagine myself small, lightweight, and capable of flight.

Helen said...

I'd be a wild turkey, flashing my wattle and snood at inappropriate moments.

crystal said...

I did think of purple cloth :)

I'd like to be some kind of songbird. I was reading that Mozart had a pet starling - do they sing?