Monday, October 06, 2008

For Gillian (1975 - 2001)

The horses are gone now
What memories they leave
Whippoorwill Aurora: the first light
Streaks of gold in the barnyard

What memories they leave
The Whippoorwill Morgans
Streaks of gold in the barnyard
Bays glistening in late-day sun

The Whippoorwill Morgans:
Such strength, such heart
Bays glistening in late-day sun
Everything my daughter wanted

Such strength, such heart
In a lovely young girl
Everything I wanted for her
And the woman she became.

In a lovely young girl’s dream,
Her Morgans carried her,
And the woman she became,
Above fear, above pain.

Her Morgans carried her far.
What memories they leave
Above fear, above pain
The horses, gone now.


crystal said...

Beautiful, Susan.

Joya said...

This is lovely, Susan, but I am sorry that you had occasion to write it. I didn't realize that it is only seven years since you lost her. Looking back, I realize that your loss must have been very fresh when we "met" on the BBS years ago.

Susan said...

Joya! I never connected you with your other name. Guess I should have looked closer at your picture. I've been enjoying watching your son grow since he was brand new. Sorry to be so dense!

Thanks, both of you.

Sabine said...

This is beautiful, Susan.

Indigo Bunting said...

Thank you for this.