Thursday, April 03, 2008

Grey Flannel Fleece

I realized the other day that I spent the entire winter in grey fleece, at least when I was home. There were the two pairs of Danskin yoga pants (and a navy blue pair as well, but I'm talking grey here), a Champion v-neck pullover (courtesy of my daughter), another pullover from the Gap (courtesy of the Salvation Army), and another SA find—an oh-so-useful longish grey fleece cardigan by Tapemeasure. I wore that cardigan over everything . . . on and off throughout the day, depending on the temperature. Big buttons, so I suppose it was made for old hands. Mine are getting there.

I have mixed feelings about putting away the grey fleece if and when the season changes (it's 18ยบ as I write this). I suppose it will be nice to see lighter, brighter colors. But fleece is soft. I like soft. And I like the fact that my winter wardrobe covered everything. Everything. And required no effort on my part. Like holding in my stomach.

Spring means work.


crystal said...

Only 18 - Brrrr! It's 72 here today. Hope your hands soon start feeling better.

Susan said...

My hands are a wreck! Or at least my right hand is. This happened to me last spring, too. I guess I get complacent when the season changes, even though the temperature hasn't. Enjoy your California air!

Helen said...

Ha, it's so true, spring does mean work. Apart from all the effort that has to be expended holding in one's stomach, there's all that gardening as well.

Susan said...

You know, you're right. I forgot about that part.