Saturday, December 01, 2007

Remarkable Accomplishment

Hard to believe that one person put up this 120-foot ham radio tower all by himself. No crane, no crew. Hard to believe I didn't have a nervous breakdown watching my son do it. And that I'm still sane (relatively speaking) after seeing him climb it so many times.


crystal said...

Wow! Is it just held in place by wires? Think what photos you could take if you climbed to the top :-)

I hope Wolfy is better.

Susan said...

Hi Crystal! He has taken pictures at the top, or at least from 80 feet. He probably hasn't shown me the 120-foot ones. :-)

Wolfy tore off his sock last night. I guess he's getting as tired of this routine as I am. I think he's better. . . .he's taken to chasing the cats around the house.

Indigo Bunting said...

Gasp! I cannot imagine one person doing this.

Mali said...

I haven't visited you here for too long. But I am stunned at the sight of that tower!

Susan said...

Thanks, guys! I'll share your comments with him.....after Christmas. He hasn't seen this photo yet. It's one of three I'm framing for Christmas, giving one to my son, one to my daughter, and one to me.

Anonymous said...


between the hard dark and the soft dark
i wandered my way to your door on a corkscrew path,
the hum of your voice a lamp, lit for your pleasure,
and under every stone, a love letter.