Monday, October 23, 2006


I've invented a new poetry form. It's called the Spaiku.

I should be writing
filling the blank screen with words
but instead I'm filling my TV screen with Desperate Housewives

SPAIKU: A poetic form in which the first line consists of five syllables, the second line seven, and the third line does whatever the hell it wants.From the Rumanian word spaik, which means (roughly translated) Hit me with another drink.

Here's my stepdaughter Nancy's:

You don't watch TV
the way the rest of us do
but instead you invent new poetry forms. Go Susie!

Okay, leave me a spaiku...


Susan said...

Here's another from Nancy:

you ebay shoppers
are idiots one and all
tens of thousands for a grilled cheese madonna


GreenishLady said...

June to October,
Checking your blog now and then,
And then there's something fun and interesting to do!

Welcome back!

Susan said...

A visitor! I have a visitor! And she posted her picture!! Thank you... I'll try to do better about adding to this blog.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest
ever. I see so many
possiblities. I'm totally linking! Every BloP post from now on may have a spaiku! Thanks! :)

Dayngr said...

Grey's Anatomy
My Thursday guilty pleasure
Seriously, forty bucks for season two?!