Thursday, February 09, 2006

My ten seconds of fame

This is the limerick I wrote for Bob Barker, champion of pet spaying and neutering. He read it on "The Price Is Right" quite a few years ago. I'm told (by a show staffer) that he loved it and it made a big hit with the audience. But I never got to see it, because I was unwilling to pay $400 for a VHS tape.

Being homeless is surely a bummer.
Every year you delay makes it dumber.
So don't blow this chance...
Put a stop to romance!
Get your dogs and cats altered this summer.


Otter said...

I love it! Thanks! I wish we could do this for teens...just temp. of course!

Susan said...

LOL...sounds like you have a teen in the house. I've often thought the driving age should be raised to 24. Or 30.

- Christine said...

Bravo!!! Well done!

Jennifer said...


It's Jennifer Diskin. Good to connect with you through Dan's 40 x 365 project. I am trying to write everyday. I didn't start out very well. But I am going to be more diligent..hopefully.

Sabine said...

You're really milking this ten seconds.