Thursday, October 07, 2010

Annie has been organizing!

This is Annie. It hasn't been easy persuading her and her son Pogo to be indoors full-time (after all, they started out in my neighbor's barn), but we've been doing pretty well since spring.

Maybe Annie's been a little bored in the house. Or perhaps she has strong organizational instincts. But whatever the reason, she has been on a mission that good housekeepers (and others, like me) can appreciate. She has searched the house for Wolfy's leftover dog toys and carted them one by one upstairs, depositing them outside my bedroom door. Wolfy was a big dog, and some of these toys seem awfully heavy and/or awkward for a small cat, but Annie managed somehow. Then a few days later she gathered up all the cat toys and set them together just inside the front door.

With her mission accomplished, I figured she could use something new to occupy her, so yesterday I bought one of those laser lights for cats ($4 at Walmart). What a big success!! I can see both my cats are going to be well exercised (for a change).

Now if only someone could interest me in running back and forth and around in circles after a laser light.....


Bridgett said...

She has that same look in her eye my Hickory has, who is also an organizer. We often say: Hickory has a complicated inner life.

In comparison, Bleys and Jack? They don't.

Dona (waxwing) said...

Ok, I must have missed a blog post because I didn't know you had cats! The last I read about cats was one you'd seen somewhere that you were going to take home if you saw it again.

Glad Annie and Pogo are settling in. I've not heard about cats that organize. How interesting!

Neither of our cats like laser lights. They don't like much these days except a warm place to sleep.

Indigo Bunting said...

Wow. What a good cat.

Susan said...

I should explain. Cats have been part of our lives here for decades, and the present two is the smallest number we've had. Annie lived in my neighbor's barn, but hung out on my property for food and attention. I took the hint and adopted her and her black kitten. At the time, we also had Princeton, Buddy, and Mickey. That was three years ago.

"A complicated inner life" is a good way to put it. This might explain why Annie is less predictable than my other cats (who tended to be predictable in their own unique ways) and less clear about what she wants. (It's probably perfectly clear to Annie, just not to me.)

Pogo is a delightful cat, smart and affectionate. Unlike his mother, he thrives on routine. The blog entry about Pogo explains in more detail how they came to live here.

crystal said...

My cat Grendel was an outdoor cat at first and it took quite a while to convince her to be indoors all the time. The others never went outside so they didn't care as much. I tried to find interesting toys for them - two they really liked were Mouserat and Bird-On-A-Wire. It sounds like Annie ha enough toys though - Wolfy's :)